Amazing Star in her prime.
Amazing Cur History
Alex, Ray and Amy Kovac with a young Amazing Daisy.
We have hunted this line of dogs for over thirty years to date. While our finished product may look different from our foundation, one thing remains constant...natural ability.
Our first Amazing Cur was Amazing Daisy. Daisy was a completely unintentional cross of a 9-month old Stephens Cur male by the name of Homer and a Merchant bred Walker female named Sally. Homer was a open-mouthed, get treed quick coon and squirrel dog. Homer's forte' however, was his capability around the house. He was a first class stock as well as watchdog. Sally was also an open-mouthed, cold-nosed dog who just about anyone would have been proud to feed. Daisy was born on Easter morning in a litter of only two pups. Bill Moder gave her to us and to this day we are thankful.
Daisy surprisingly enough was a silent trailing coon dog deluxe. She was hunted on squirrel when she was young but was primarily used on coon her entire life. Squirrel hunting was an addiction we would acquire later! Daisy, like Homer, shined brightly on the homefront. She was a devoted companion and to that point was the smartest dog we had ever owned. She had many tricks like cracking peanut shells then eating the peanut and could open a door like a cat burglar. By the time we discovered competition squirrel hunting, Daisy was twelve years old. Despite her advanced age, she made N.K.C. Show Champion, Grand Tree Champion and made Squirrel Champion in four hunts.
In the spring of '89 we crossed Daisy with another Stephens Cur male, from this cross came Amazing Star.  Star was open on coon and silent on squirrel.  She handled like a dream and was always within a call's distance.  She would later go on to be the foundation of our current breeding program.  She was a N.K.C.  Squirrel Champion, Tree Champion and was the first Super Grand Show Champion in N.K.C. history. Star was bred two times in her life.  The first was to O.M.C.B.A. World Nite Champion Sauer's Sport, a Mountain Cur out of the famed Streak JR and Georgetta cross.  From this came Amazing Sage, Ruby and Grace.  The second cross was to Porter's Chief, also a Mounatin Cur, out of World Champions Jessie James II and Porter's Lil' Penny. From that breeding came Amazing Copper, Glory and CrossBow.  Unfortunately, Star passed away two weeks after whelping this litter due to complications from labor.  She was only five years old and her loss was felt deeply.
The next step involved line breeding the sons and daughters of Star back to each other.  These crosses have produced Amazing Sue-Zee, Maggie and Shamrock.  Although we are in our 5th generation of this family of tree dogs, we feel we are just getting started in regards to our breeding program and look forward to continual improvement in the 21st century.  We are certain that with the advances offered by DNA testing the best is truly yet to come.