N.K.C. Super Gr.Nt.Ch. Super Gr.Sq.Ch.Gr.Ch. U.K.C. Nt.Ch. Sq.Ch. Kovac's Amazing Copper (DNA-P) (1994-2004)
N.K.C. World Nt.Ch. Super Gr.Nt.Ch.Gr.Sq.Ch Super Gr.Ch. Thomas' Amazing Sage (DNA-P) (1993-2001)
N.K.C. World Ch. Gr.Nt.Ch. Super Gr.Sq.Ch. Super Gr.Ch. Kovac's Amazing Grace  (DNA-P) (1993-2004)
N.K.C. World Ch. 4-way Super Gr.Ch. Kovac's Amazing Ruby. (DNA-P) (1993-2008)
N.K.C. Nt.Ch.Gr.Sq.Ch.Ch. U.K.C. Ch.Sq.Ch.Tr.Ch.Kovac's
Amazing Sue-Zee .(DNA-P) (1996-2008)
N.K.C. Nt.Ch.Sq.Ch.Gr.Ch. Kovac's Amazing Glory  (DNA-P) (1994-2004)
U.K.C. Gr.Ch.Nt.Ch.Sq.Ch.Tr.Ch. Kovac's Amazing Shamrock (DNA-P) (2000-2008)
N.K.C. World Ch.  U.K.C. National Ch.Nt.Ch.Sq.Ch. Thomas' Amazing Shortcut (DNA-P) (1996-2004)
UKC 4-way Ch. Gr. Ch. Amazing 'X' Factor (DNA-P)
U.K.C. Gr.Ch.Gr.Sq.Ch.Nt.Ch.Tr.Ch. Amazing Swamp Rat  (DNA-P)                                                    (2004-2009)                                                 
U.K.C Sq,Ch. Shamrock's Amazing Kate
U.K.C Ch. Sq.Ch. Our Amazing Heavenly Kiss
Amazing dogs that are gone but definitely not forgotten:

Clay's Amazing XXX Stain (Fred)
U.K.C..Ch.Sq.Ch.Tr.Ch. 2010 N.K.C. Youth Reserve             World Sq.Ch. Shamrock'sAmazing Millie        
Fischer's Amazing ReX
Come see the "Ne'X't Gene'RAT'ion of Amazing Curs