Here at Amazing Kennels we are absolutely commited to producing top-notch combination dogs. We feel it is a true measure of a dog that can perform for you whether the sun is up or down. That is, after all, what these dogs were developed for - to be versatile.

We also believe in hunting our bitches. Some breeders make a female a Squirrel Champion and then retire her to the breeding pen. We hunt our females year-round, pregnant or not, pleasure or competition. Very few kennels can match the titles on our bitches.

We have also invested a considerable amount of money in DNA testing EVERY dog in our breeding program. That way the purchaser can have peace of mind, knowing what they received is what they paid for.

Amazing Sable and Raven Molly at 5 weeks checking out a fox squirrel. 
Amazing Shamrock at 10 weeks old
Upcoming Litters:

                             Amazing ReX (X Factor/Rosie)
                       Amazing Kate (Shamrock/Habit's Last Kiss)

                                   Due: First of March 2015

                              Jason Fischer 314-422-0052

                   Reference: Monty Densford 812-530-7306
          Monty got the only pup from the same cross last year